Deluxe Planner

The Moment

Live Tiles Calendar

Nature Core Series

This brand new DELUXE PLANNER by LaVen has redesigned into an accessories which able to record our life with more personalized touch.

Time is a concept that humans created. Everyone has their own stories to tell or a moment to remember, thus, 'The Moment' greeting card series is here to send a blessing and keep the special moment with your own story.

Instead of bland pieces of paper which are simply marked with the current date, if calendars are produced in an interesting manner, you will want to have one in your homes as they will add to the overall decor of your home.

Nature Core Desk Organizer is a masterpiece crafted from plantation timber and recycled stainless steel, this customizable plug in organize system will conform to whatever devices and equipments you use now and in the future. 

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